Murphy Bed Install

Murphy Bed Installation Services

Given their complexity, we price wallbeds at a flat rate so that we may take our time to assemble the item correctly without worry of going over an hourly quote. The flat rate covers 2 installers to build the bed and secure it to the wall along with state-of-the-art drills, stud finders, laser levelers, and other tools, including a vast rage of anchors to accommodate any type of wall material and product weight. We look forward to working with you. Call for a free consultation regarding installing your murphy bed.

Murphy Bed Assembly & Installation: Starting at $300
In order to provide a quote, we will ask for the make, model, size (twin, queen, king) of the murphy bed.

Important Notes:
Your preferred mattress must be on-site. This is to ensure the bed is installed with the proper tension for the mattress you chose. If the mattress is not there, we can perform the installation. However, if we are requested to return for readjustments, a charge of $50 an hour, per person (2 hour minimum) will be assessed for another trip.

A small section of the baseboard may need to be cut and removed as the Murphy bed must be flush to the wall. Most models are designed to accommodate a base board but removing a small piece of the baseboard may be required on some models for an additional charge.

There is a one (1) hour minimum, per person, for each additional service added to the order (unless the cost of the service is a flat rate project).

Some assembly projects are priced at flat rates (rather than hourly) due to the value of items, liability, complexity of assembly, weight and/or size of the furniture.

*Please note that we currently do not provide moving services of furniture/items. In the event we are required to move any item(s) within any part of your home or office (including within the same room, or a different level, the garage, etc.) a $50 - $100 fee will apply per person on the order.