Professional Handyman Services by BIG Helpers

Our dedicated, professional, talented handymen provide a wide spectrum of services. We come with state-of-the-art tools, equipment and knowledge.

We can professionally install cabinets, bar cabinets, tile, light fixtures, dimmers, light switches, ceiling fans, closet doors, closet shelving, kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, etc. We can also provide indoor painting, drywall repair, fence painting, deck paint, hallway painting, etc.

Handyman Services
$99 an hour, per person (2 hour min $198.00)
$198 an hour, for two installers (2 hour minimum $386.00)
Most projects require only one (1) Handyman. However, two (2) Handymen may be required due to larger/heavy items, size or time-sensitive orders. Otherwise, we offer flat rates for larger projects. One hour minimum for each additional/different service(s).

Electrical Services
$125 per hour, per person with a 2 Hour Minimum for ($250 Minimum)
We provide fan installation service, and are able to swap out existing ceiling fans with something newer and more attractive. Our light fixture installers can also install dimmer switches and remote controlled ceiling fan/light combos. We can handle all types of electrical jobs where the power source is currently established.

Cabinet Installation Services
Our cabinet installers have a keen eye for detail to ensure your cabinets are leveled correctly. Wall mounting is a big part of the services we provide, including gallery style art installation, installing photo collages and more. Our range of services includes many types of tile installation, including backsplash installation, floor tiling and bathroom tiles. Via Quote

Drywall Repair Services
We provide drywall repair service in every type of home or office. Our drywall installers are familiar with a number of techniques for a wide variety of drywall patching, including patching, sanding, replacement and painting. Drywall repair near me is also available near you. Let our professional drywall installers take exceptional care of your project. Via Quote

Plumbing Services
We handle all types of light plumbing issues, and are able to unclog drains, sinks, and install toilets. Installation of new faucets. shower heads, bathroom sinks, kitchen sinks and more. Via Quote

Vanity Installation Services
We provide bathroom vanity installation service. Our vanity installers can assemble cabinets, level the doors, and install the countertop and provide all the necessary pipe connections. Our Chicago bathroom installers can also hang mirrors and install vanity lights as well. Via Quote

Tile Installation & Repair Services
Our tile installer is a perfectionist. We will measure and custom cut tiles to fit any space. We can install backsplash behind a kitchen sink or bathroom sink. We can also re-grout tiles and re-glue or replace broken or missing tiles.

Painting Services
Our professional painters excel at making interior spaces look brand new and fresh. We can provide home painting, office painting, and paint large rooms or small areas. Let BIG Helpers be your Chicago painting service!

Power Washing
We have state-of-the art high pressure washers to remove the grime from your porch so it looks its best. Our Chicago power washing service can also remove dirt from windows, crevices, grout, stairs, railings and even concrete statues. Via Quote

Deck Painting Services
Your front porch or back deck can use a touch up. Deck staining and porch painting increases the value of your home and makes your house look classier than your neighbors'. Our local deck painting service in Chicago will make your deck or porch look stunning! Via Quote

Door Lock Services
We offer an affordable door lock service. Our prices for a locksmith near me are competitive and attractive. We provide lock repair, swap out old locks with new locks, and can even install Smart Locks, Smart Doorbells, and all types of security systems. Via Quote

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