TV Mounting, Unmounting TVs, Soundbar Install & Wire Concealing  

We provide Chicago TV installation with a wide spectrum of services designed to optimize your home theater ideas. We can connect external devices such as your cable box, surround sound speaker installation, sound bar installation, gaming consoles and perform external or internal wire concealing. We also provide custom TV mounting of high-end Samsung Frame TVs and The Quad TV system, which is 4 TVs combined to create a large 'mega TV'.

Home & Office TV Mounting Services
TV mounted on wall starts at $100 for each TV's 50" inches or less. We will connect up to three (3) cords to the TV. We always turn on the TV to ensure the picture and sound works properly. Apps that require personal information (like usernames and passwords) should be set up by the client.

TV Mounting Service Prices:
19" - 50" $100
51" - 60" $125
61" - 70" $145
71" - 80" $185
81" - 85" $225

External TV Wire Concealing: 
We provide external wire concealment strips - $30 (per TV) strip that hides 3-5 cords. This is for standard, linear installation.

Internal TV Wire Concealing: 
$175 per TV (flat rate, standard installation)
We provide internal wire concealing complete with an Illinois Building Code-compliant wire concealment kit, which hides up to 4 cords, for only $175. This price includes the kit and the labor of drilling into the walls, snaking the cords through the safety tube, and connecting the plug into the nearest outlet.

Samsung Frame TV Installation Service: 
We can provide basic installation of a Samsung Frame TV to the proper bracket that belongs with the TV, or we can provide custom, in wall TV installation. The Samsung Frame installer will flush the TV into the wall for a sleek and classy TV viewing experience.

Outdoor TV Mounting Service: 
$25 an additional charge per TV installed outside with standard installation. We have all the tools necessary for outdoor TV mounting service, so you can enjoy patio TV installation while grilling or entertaining during sporting events. We can even perform TV mounting in cement, mount TV to siding, or mount TV on brick walls. We have the experience and equipment to get your TV installed correctly in all types of wall material.

Ceiling TV Mounting Service: 
$45 additional charge for Ceiling mounted TVs.
Our Chicago TV installers can perform ceiling TV mounting services. We can mount motorized TVs or install a flip TV with a ceiling tv mount bracket. Please have your preferred ceiling TV bracket mount available when the installers arrive.

Quad TV Mounting Service: 
Contact us for a quad TV Set installation quote. Quad TV set up is the ultimate, 'larger than life' TV viewing experience. The Quad TV consists of 4 separate TV units that are expertly and seamlessly fused together by BIG Helpers to create one massive video wall. These are recommended for seasonal window display set up, TV office installation for business presentations, or home theater video wall installation.

TV Dismounting Service: 
19" - 50" $50
51" - 60" $60
61" - 70" $75
71" - 80" $95
81" - 85" $125

Please ask us about drywall repair, patching, and painting that may be necessary once the bracket is removed from the wall.

Additional Hardware:
Please let us know if you need a TV bracket, external wire concealment strips, an extension cord, HDMI cord, sound bar bracket, surge protector, or any other accessories to complete your home theatre. We provide custom TV installation.

There is a one (1) hour minimum, per person, for each additional service added to the order (unless the cost of the service is a flat rate project).

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