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* Supplies: For your convenience, equipment and tools are furnished by Big Helpers (unless the client requests something that we do not use as standard hardware or cleaning kits). 

* Labor: Many homeowners are unaware of their potential liability for injuries incurred during work performed in their home. All liability issues are the responsibility of Big Helpers. Our rates include staff labor cost, workers compensation, taxes, benefits, and insurance. 

* Insurance Cost: We carry a higher level of General Liability insurance coverage (up to $2 Million) to better insure our customers. All employees are bonded and insured for general liability, property, casualty, workman's comp and auto insurance. 

* Taxes: All taxes are included in our pricing. 

* Over Head: We are not an App. We have an office with extended office hours 9am-6pm to better service you. Insurance, Staff, taxes, office rent, phones, advertising, websites, cell phones, etc. are part of the cost. 

* 24/7: You may speak with us directly via phone during regular office hours or schedule an appointment via our website 24/7, up to 21 days in advance. 

* 30 Day Guarantee: If at any point in time within 30 days of service something comes loose or was improperly installed, we will come back and fix the issue for free. Please contact us within 30 Days of the assembly date or submit a report via email or our website, and we will return to correct the issue. Contacting us via email or completing the complaint form on our website are the best methods to report an issue as it will allow us to document the matter, investigate, and correct the issue most expediently. Our guarantee is void in the event another person or entity attempts to correct the issue prior to arrival, if the item has a manufacturing defect, or if the defect is caused by improper use of the product. Outdoor services have a 15 day Guarantee. We have a No Refund policy on all transactions. We recommend only having one contractor or service performed at a time in your home or business as it can affect timing, quality, pricing, or cause delays. 

* Estimates and Contract Terms: Big Helpers provides price estimates based on the information provided by the customer. If the information provided to Big Helpers is inaccurate, misleading, or altered, the customer understands additional fees or charges may apply. For example, Big Helpers is hired to disassemble and reassemble a desk. During the re-assembly of the desk, the customer decides to change the design of the layout or requests to customize the desk. That change in the order was not included in the original price estimate/quote. Therefore, additional time is required to accomplish the modification, and may incur additional charges for time spent working. 

* Customizations: There are times where a customer may request a customization, or a customization will be required due to an unforeseen event. Any additional customizations will be performed for an additional charge between $50 to $200, depending on the type of customization. Sometimes it's cutting baseboards, drilling holes for wires/extension cords, trimming the front kick toe of a Murphy bed, adding a 2x4 to level cabinets, additional mattress straps, etc. 

* Pricing: Big Helpers charges hourly for most services, while some services are priced on a flat rate basis. Depending on your location, a transportation charge may be applied to help defray the cost of parking (especially in downtown Chicago), gas, and/or the time spent to travel to outlying locations. Big Helpers reserves the right to correct the final price to be commensurate with the actual services performed during the appointment. A credit card processing fee of 3.5 % applies to orders over $999.99. 

* Discounts: Once an appointment is booked, or a deposit has been collected, no other discounts, promotions, negotiation, haggling, bargaining, etc. can take place before, while working on site or after the job is completed. 

* Last Minute Negotiation: Renegotiating the agreed upon quote while the crew is working on your project is not only looked down upon, but considered unprofessional and can create an awkward situation. If there is an issue or problem, we need to wait till the end to determine the main issue and a resolution. If you decline solutions or if your item needs customization, then additional charges may apply. If you decline our recommended resolutions, then will be forced to finish what we can accomplish and process your invoice in full payment and consider your appointment completed and the 30-day guarantee may not apply. 

* Payment Information: When you order services from the Big Helpers, we need to know your name, phone number, email address, mailing address, and credit card information. This allows us to process and fulfill your order and to notify you of your order status. Just like a hotel, a valid credit card is required to reserve your appointment. You may choose to pay your invoice by credit card, money order, check, or cash [or Zelle?]. If you prefer services charged to a different credit card, simply notify our representative in the office. Payments are due upon completion of services, no exceptions. All customers understand that by providing your personal information and credit card information you authorize and recognize Big Helpers may use, verify, or charge your credit card for any current, unpaid invoices/bills. Any returned checks will be charged to the credit card on file. Big Helpers may use a GPS tracking system, cell phone records, or pictures with date and timestamp as proof that Big Helpers serviced your location. 

* Verification of Credit Card: The credit card provided will be verified to ensure that all credit cards are valid and have the necessary funds based on the order requested. This verification will drop from your account 2-5 business days depending on your bank institution. If the credit card cannot be verified or is invalid, we reserve the right to cancel/deny the appointment request. 

* No Refund Policy: No Money Back & All Sales/Transactions are final: See Related Subjects - Guarantee Policy - Damage & Issue Policy - Deposit Refund Policy - Credit Policy - Cancelation Policy

* Clients Signature: By providing your credit card you agree and authorize Big Helpers to charge your card on file for any due services or unpaid invoices. By signing your receipt and/or work order, you agree that BIG Helpers has completed the tasks/work order requested and the service has been completed. If payment is not collected in full at the time of service, you therefore authorize BIG Helpers to charge the credit card provided. In addition, by using our service you also agree a signature is not required for the credit card to be charged. 

* Canceling authorization to charge the card: There are isolated events when clients will state that we cannot charge the card on file after booking their appointments. This is against our terms and agreement. Once the work is scheduled, booked, confirmed and/or started, they may only update a new credit card to be charged instead of the one on file. This can be done in writing and then calling in your new credit card. If you cancel your credit card or unlink the Credit card on file in Square, then we may have to pause work on site until the matter is resolved. 

* Appointment Date & Time - 60 Min. Window Period: Our typical work hours are Monday through Saturday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We do our very best to arrive at the scheduled time. Please allow a 30 - 60-minute grace period for our arrival. One never knows what traffic or weather conditions lay ahead due to rain or snow. Major events like The Taste of Chicago, parades, marathons, sporting events, holidays and other special events can create major traffic delays. During such events (or inclement weather) we ask clients to schedule the appointment earlier (or later) in the day or to a different day. 

* Waiting period: If you are running late to meet our crew at the location where service is scheduled, we kindly request that you contact our office so they may let the crew know that you will be late. Please be aware that if you request for us to arrive at a specific time, our clock begins upon arrival. In some cases, the time may be deducted from your appointment as Big Helpers is often on a busy schedule, and we must remain on time to service every customer. 

* Cancellation & Rescheduling Policy: In the event a client must cancel or reschedule, please contact us more than 48 hours in advance of your appointment to avoid a cancellation fee of $50 per person scheduled to perform service. If we arrive and are locked out, a $50 per person Lock Out Charge applies. If a deposit was collected, then the $50 charge per person will be deducted from the deposit. We reserve the right to charge all fees to the credit card on file. 

* Deposit Refund Policy: Deposits are non-refundable after the first day of service/appointment as work has started/performed. The remaining will be collected on the last day of work, in the event that you refuse to pay the remaining of the bill, the deposit applies to the bill and is non-refundable and the unpaid balance will be charged to the card on file. 

* If Big Helpers Cancels: We kindly ask clients to understand that Big Helpers depends on people to provide services to our clients. While our team works hard to satisfy clients, people may become ill, have emergencies, or must tend to unexpected situations with their families and children. When clients prefer specific crew members perform their projects, and a substitution is not possible, we will reschedule the preferred crew member for the next available appointment time. We contact our clients with as much notice as possible and reschedule the appointment promptly. 

*Issue with Parts or Assembly Policy: Occasionally, there is an unforeseen issue with a product or service. Example: Some murphy beds may have either a failed part or a manufacturing defect. If you have a Murphy bed that gets mounted to the floor, we have found that carpets can pose an issue for front kick toes. The carpet can push the kick toe so much that it may not install correctly or prevent the bed door opening or closing correctly. This will require customization beyond a normal installation. Instead of cutting the carpet out, the kick toe may be required to be trimmed at our location and returned to be installed. Any customizations or additional work beyond standard installation will be performed for an additional charge. 

 Credit Policy: In the event that Credit or Discount is extended does not mean money back or a form of refund or credit to your current open invoice. Any credits are only eligible to be used on a new/different appointment with a 2 hour minimum. A credit does not when we will return on a different day or appointment for a 30 min credit. All credits expire 1 year on the issued date.

* Personal Items Damaged or broken by staff: We do our very best to take optimum care of clients' belongings. However, accidents may happen. In the event our staff breaks or damages an item, please notify our office within 48 hours of your appointment date. We will send one of our handymen to review the damage and help determine the best resolution for the damaged item. Big Helpers usually can fix the item or find a replacement. If the client attempts to fix the matter themselves or hires another person/company to fix the damaged item before notifying us (without allowing our team a chance to fix the item), Big Helpers is not responsible for the cost of repair or replacement. Big Helpers is not responsible for damage due to faulty and/or improper use or installation of any item. 

* Refund: All deposits are eligible for refund in full in the event that we cancel your appointment on the day of service, and you wish to not reschedule. If you pay your original total balance in cash, then the deposit can be refunded to the card on file. Aside from deposits, we have a no refund policy for work performed. 

* Zero Tolerance Policy: We have zero tolerance for any type of inappropriate behavior or assault, including verbal abuse, sexual harassment, or physical contact of any nature. Depending on the level of violation of the Zero Tolerance policy, local law enforcement may be contacted to investigate the matter. Our clients may not ask our staff for their personal information, such as a phone number, their email, home address, or any other personal/confidential information. We reserve the right to terminate services in the event a client violates these terms. 

* Reporting Feedback: We always want to hear from our clients about the services they received from Big Helpers. Please feel free to call us at 312-757-4420 or  contacting us via this website.

Terms of Services

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