Murphy Bed Installation


Murphy beds are among the most complex items we assemble, and our professional team enjoys building and installing them. We build and repair Murphy beds by Breda Beds, Brayden Studios, Bedder Ways, Truett Murphy Beds and any type of Murphy bed from every brand.    

Given their complexity, we price wall beds at a flat rate so that we may take our time to assemble the item correctly without worry of going over an hourly quote. The flat rate covers at least 2 installers to build the bed and secure it to the wall along with state-of-the-art drills, stud finders, levelers, and other tools, including a vast rage of anchors to accommodate any type of wall material and product weight.

Please take these points into consideration:  CONTACT US

A small section of the baseboard may need to be cut and removed as the Murphy bed must be flush to the wall. Some models are designed to accommodate a base board, but removing a small piece of the baseboard necessary on most models.

A mattress of the proper weight and thickness (as per manufacturer’s specifications) is required to complete installation.  This is important, because the model is designed to accommodate a mattress of a certain weight and thickness.  The mattress is an integral part of the mechanism which allows the item to open and close.

Please tell us about your Murphy bed and allow us to give you a free consultation by phone regarding your project.  Please call and ask to speak with Toni at (312) 757-4420.